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  South Asian Earthquake
EHA Report - Situation Update: October 28, 2005

Today, the EHA relief team based in Baramulla in Jammu & Kashmir, visited Jabla village situated at 6000ft height. The health and hygiene conditions of the people are quite serious in this village. 90% of the women in the village are anemic. No agencies have provided medical relief in the area so far. EHA involved local volunteers and conducted medical camp in the village. The medical team treated 135 patients most of whom were women and children, and suffering from common cold, headaches & ear pain. It was found that worm infection was quite common in the children. A de-worming campaign was conducted in the entire area and de-worm medicines were given to the children.

The people in the village are still clearing the rubble of their collapsed houses. 80% of the houses were destroyed in the earthquake and the people are now living in makeshift small huts. The mobile clinic team visited many families in the area, identified critical cases and provided medical treatment to the people. In one house they found a woman who had given birth to a baby on the morning of the earthquake. The small hut where she was living was full of smoke and she was lying in a corner of the hut. She was in much pain and there was no-one to provide her with relief. The team doctor cleaned her wounds and gave her the appropriate treatment. The whole family (8 members) lives in the same hut. Such is the plight of the people in village Jabla. In another hut they found a lady who had given birth to her 9th child! She was also given appropriate treatment. The people are very friendly and cooperative and welcome the team’s efforts.

Many of the children and old people were found to be suffering from dental problems. The EHA dental team has started providing dental care and the army has also promised to send its mobile dental unit with them.

EHA continued to provide medical treatment through medical camps and mobile clinics in the two villages allocated to them by the Government. Efforts are on to rehabilitate the Gujjar communities. A disability survey was conducted by the team in the two villages. Water and sanitation assessment was also conducted in the villages and the team met the community leaders.

EHA Report - Situation Update: Oct 28, 2005
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