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  The Jamnagar Vocational Training Centre - Report and Plan of Action

A Report spanning the period 30/1/2003 – 1/4/2003

The process of launching the Jamnagar Vocational Centre (VTC) was initiated between the 30th of January – 1st. Feburary 2003 when Dr. Vinod Shah, Executive Director of the Emmanuel Hospital Association, Dr. Renu Dyalchand Coordinator for Urban Health and Development and Mr Vinod Mehta Project Officer of the EHA Jamnagar Slum Rehabilitation Program, met church groups in Ahmedabad and Jamnagar, Gujarat.

The purpose of the visit was to publicize the VTC, with a view to recruiting committed Administrative Staff with a vision and mission consonant with that of EHA. We shared the vision of the Organisation and what we wanted to do in Gujarat. A very positive feedback was obtained from the audience. Local issues, which are at present in the hot seat in the communal atmosphere of the state, were discussed as areas of likely intervention in partnership with EHA. Pamphlets giving details of posts and job descriptions for the VTC were distributed for wider circulation.

In the following month we received applications from aspiring candidates. The date for interview was set as 25th and 26th of March 2003 in Ahmedabad and Jamnagar respectively. Several candidates were interviewed in both places. A final selection of three personnel was made.

1. Mr George Shephard - Ex Principal of the ITI Jamnagar (A government of Gujarat Institute for Technical training) - appointed as Principal VTC to oversee the technical aspects of the Centre and obtain Government recognition.

2. Mr. Deepak Christi – B.Com., MSW with managerial experience in the corporate sector - as the Business Manager to over see management and sustainability aspects of the centre, as well as develop employment and marketing opportunities for course trainees and other needy persons in the slums and the city of Jamnagar.

3. Mr. Vinu Daniel – B.Com.,GNIIT - as Computer Instructor, to set up and maintain the Computer Centre and instruct candidates on courses of their choice or counsel candidates to select courses most suitable to their educational level which would be likely to fetch them employment.

All these three gentlemen appear to be highly motivated and committed. The Gantt Chart of activities submitted to SADP was examined and plans made for the next few months. The date of appointment was fixed as April 1st. 2003.

A date wise Plan of Action for the month of April and May 2003 is outlined below.

The appointment of the technical staff for the different courses will be done by the administrative staff.

The Secretary for Administration Mr. Arvin Sushil will be visiting the centre and facilitating the staff in setting up administrative systems.

The inauguration of the VTC is being set for the third week of May when Dr. Shah will also be present.

We request the prayers of all our partners that the staff may be guided to accomplish the goals and objectives of the centre and that people who come may be touched by the love and concern of committed workers which will impact their lives positively.

Respectfully submitted

Dr. Renu Dyalchand
Coordinator for Research and Urban Health


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